Professional Services For Our Owners

We recognize that as the owner of a real estate asset, you expect to receive professional services that will protect and enhance your investment. We constantly strive to exceed your expectations.

Marketing Your Property: 

  • Advise you on how to prepare your property for maximum appeal. 
  • Advertise your property on:
    • Georges & Company web site
    • Internet sites
    • Local newsprint
    • Multiple Listing Services

Protecting Your Investment:

  • Comprehensive market analysis of property rental value
  • Maximize rental income
  • Thorough screening and verification for applicant approval and tenancy
  • Lease enforcement and tenant relations
  • Maintain your property:
    • Receive repair requests from tenants including emergencies on a 24-hour basis
    • Schedule all repair and maintenance requests
    • Provide dependable vendors and contractors
    • Detailed property inspection prior to possession and upon tenant vacating property
    • Maintain a photographic history of your property
    • Maintain maintenance and repair records
    • Schedule twice yearly maintenance service on heating and cooling systems and fireplaces inspections every three years
    • Provide Tenant Handbook on the do's and don’ts for care of property when renting
    • Schedule lawn and yard care service when not the responsibility of the tenant

Financial Services and Reporting:

  • Rent Collection
  • Provide a monthly cash flow and expense summary including year to date income and expenses
  • Pay mortgages, insurances, taxes and utility bills
  • Pay HOA and Condominium fees